New to the Polishing World?

Concrete Contractor magazine is looking for contractors who have recently added polishing to their business.

Added 'polishing' to your business? I want to hear from you.
Added "polishing" to your business? I want to hear from you.
Adobe Stock Photos | Photo by By bannafarsai

There's no need to beat around the bush 2020 has been a rough year. COVID-19. People have lost jobs. Supply chains have strained. Contractors have either had to adapt to the economy or diversify to open up new business opportunities. As Chip Marshall writes in "Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors" ( "Everything looks great when it’s new. Everything." That includes a shiny new part of your business.

If you've recently added concrete polishing to your business, Concrete Contractor is looking for input from a few of you.

Send a quick email to with your company name, location, when you added polishing to your business and a best email to respond. Deadline: October 24. 

I'd like to make sure to include different points of view from around the country, and won't be able to connect with everyone that reaches out. Even if you don't hear from me, I appreciate your time. 

If all goes well, your company may be included in an article in the Concrete Contractor December 2020 issue.

Thank you, in advance.