App of the Week: iScrap App

Find the closest scrap yards and the most current scrap metal pricing with the free iScrap mobile app

Map view allows mobile app users to see all the scrap yards closest to their location.
Map view allows mobile app users to see all the scrap yards closest to their location.

Mobile app: iScrap
Developer:  iScrap App Inc.
Cost: Free
Available on: Apple, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices

The iScrap App allows users to find scrap yards and search for current scrap metal prices in both the United States and Canada. Focused specifically on the business to business recycling industry, users can use the app to find the closest yard to them, see what each scrap yard buys, read/see descriptions and pictures of scrap metal and be constantly linked to customers and scrap yards.

Video: iScrap Mobile App Demo

The app features a directory of scrap yards, auto wreckers and metal recyclers in the U.S. and Canada along with their business contact information and directions to the yards.

App features:

  • View full listing of materials scrap yards buy along with their individual pricing
  • View images of materials scrap yards accept
  • Take and send pictures to scrap yards on materials you  have questions on regarding what the metal is, and possible pricing
  • Request containers for drop off right to a jobsite or specified location
  • Daily scrap metal prices through national price averages for basic listings
  • Saves recent list of companies visited
  • Call scrap yards directly from pricing tab
  • Metal list displays every item available for the price list with a description and picture
  • Users can submit yard information for companies not listed on the iScrap App with Suggest A Yard feature
  • iScrap Metal Forum allows users to interact with scrappers for tips, tricks, resources and more