12 Days of Construction Christmas 2020 Gift Guide - Body Heat Monitoring System

Keep construction workers safe in the high temperatures of summer with this PPE system that monitors core body temperature.

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Time to start planning your holiday gift giving for 2020. Check out this year's list of great gifts for your construction employees, bosses, friends or family members.

Day 8 of the 2020 Christmas Gift Guide - Kenzen Body Heat Monitoring System

Be prepared for hot weather with Kenzen's Smart PPE patch, which monitors and relays real-time stress indicators to protect against heat injuries. It is a cloud-based SaaS system that includes a wearable device workers wear on their arms. The device alerts both the worker and supervisor when core body temperature is too high.

  • Monitors multiple physiological and environmental metrics, including heart rate, activity, skin and ambient temperatures
  • Multi-level alerts are sent to workers via device vibration, iOS or Android app notification; sent to supervisors via web dashboard alert 
  • Alerts are accompanied by actionable recommendations
  • A second “back to work” alert indicates when the worker’s core body temperature has returned to a safe level

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