12 Days of Construction Christmas 2020 Gift Guide - Electric Lunch Box

Have a nice hot lunch out on the jobsite with an electric lunch box.

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Time to start planning your holiday gift giving for 2020. Check out this year's list of great gifts for your construction employees, bosses, friends or family members.

Day 9 of the 2020 Christmas Gift Guide - Electric lunch box

When you're on the jobsite, it's not easy to have a nice hot lunch, and face it, sometimes cold lunches get boring. Did you know there are electric lunch boxes that can be plugged into your work truck and heat up your lunch? There's no shortage of options on Amazon.

One of the higher rated options includes COROTC car electric lunch box and portable food warmer. The 40W unit has a 12V plug for cars/trucks and a 110V plug for home or office.

  • Made of food grade PP plastic and 304 stainless steel container
  • Strong heat resistance
  • Heating time ranges from 30-50 minutes at normal temperature

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