Introducing a New Front-line Forum

Introduced this month on page 68 is our new Pavement Technology column – a broad title for a good reason. With this new column we reach out to equipment manufacturers and material producers, giving them an opportunity to write about the questions and concerns they are hearing from their customers. After all, when a contractor has a problem he or she turns first to the supplier or manufacturer – both of whom are likely to have extensive experience in whatever the issue is.

Shel Chesky of BioSpan Technologies contributes the inaugural column, discussing pavement maintenance and pavement preservation and alerting contractors to the fact there are new technologies and materials out there that should factor into any maintenance/preservation decision. In future issues you’ll read articles from paver, sealcoater or sweeper manufacturers as well as material producers – and we’re encouraging manufacturers and producers to let us know when they want to write. (This is an open door, just give us a call). After all, these are the folks who are on the front line, directly in touch with the on-the-job issues of the day. So it makes perfect sense to invite them into the magazine and we appreciate their assistance.

In addition to the Pavement Technology column we also have a new column from World Sweeping Association (WSA) that will offer insights on the state of the sweeping industry. This column can be found on page 70 along with columns by the North American Power Sweeping Association and the Pavement Coatings Technology Council, which we’ve run for years.

That’s four regular features we turn over directly to industry experts each month, and that’s not something we do lightly. Print space is valuable, but we want to make sure we provide paving & pavement maintenance contractors with as much information as we can to help you run your business. One of the ways to do that is to make sure the people you are in touch with every day have a forum, and we like to think we’re it.