How No Snow Means More Maintenance Work

Settled into an aisle seat of the smallest plane I'd ever flown, heading back from NPE in Memphis, I was lucky enough to sit next to Frank DeLuca, of A. DeLuca Paving in New Providence, NJ. Frank was also heading home -- via Chicago -- and it was a nice opportunity to learn about his 40-year-old business that provides everything from site prep, milling and paving to pavement maintenance and brick pavers. The company does driveways as well as commercial work and he had a plan to put in place as soon as he got to work.

Turns out Old Man Winter has been relatively kind to New Jersey this year, and DeLuca says that means money budgeted for plowing snow and deicing streets and parking lots was still in the bank. That's especially true, he said, for homeowner associations, which budget heavily for winter services to keep all their residents happy.

So, upon returning home Frank DeLuca was planning a marketing campaign and sales effort specifically focused on home owner associations. Sounds like a pretty good idea that other contractors in areas dusted lightly by snow can pick up on.