Would You Join a Social Media Networking Site for Construction Professionals?

UBuildNet.com is a social networking and marketing site designed specifically for contractors. Would you join?

We've said before that social media is everywhere, but the perception is that the construction industry has been slow to adapt and incorporate social media. Maybe it's because contractors don't see a value, don't no which in the multitude of social channels to use or don't have the time. But now there is a new site designed specifically for social networking and marketing for the construction industry. It's called UBuildNet.com.

The site was created by construction professionals with the intent to meet the specific needs of contractors, their partners and consumers.

Features of the site include free social tools and resources as well as a search allowing users the ability to find niche contractors, professionals and consumers in targeted regions.

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In regards to the social aspect, UBuildNet.com says users can start discussions with other users, post links of interest, share project pictures and ask questions for other contractors to respond to. The site looks to be setup in a timeline form similar to what Facebook uses.

A project gallery is available for viewing pictures from other members as a way to gain inspiration for your own projects and businesses.

In addition to the social aspect, the site also features a toolbox to provide contractors with templates for use in multiple areas of a construction project including documents, spreadsheets, contracts and budgets.

UBuildNet.com is also designed with features to help users keep track of their projects, project costs and to-do lists.

What do you think of a social networking site designed for the construction industry? Would you use it? Are you a member of UBuildNet.com? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.