[PODCAST] How Social Media Affects Your Brand's Health with Nina Giordano

Social media is a great (and almost mandatory) way to promote your company’s services, humanize your company, provide customer service and speak one-on-one with your target customers

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Listen to this Digging Deeper podcast to hear Nina Giordano, Panasonic North America, talk about how to leverage social media to elevate your brand.

Social media is no longer a fad. Customers expect companies to have a presence on at least one social media channel.

Contributing Editor Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria spoke with Nina Giordano from Panasonic North America about how to leverage social media to elevate your brand. Even though Giordano does social media for a large company, her social media strategies and advice can be scaled to fit your construction company’s and your customers’ social media needs.

Using social media to promote your company’s services and to humanize your company is a great opportunity. Social is also becoming a new avenue for customer service and a way to speak one-on-one with your target audience.

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