SSU 5500 Seismograph

Ssu5500 10089108

The 5500 seismograph is equipped with vibration and sound monitoring systems with LCD displays and metal cable connections.

  • Removable 128 MB CompactFlash memory storing 10,000 full waveform event
  • Data from the card can be transferred using any compact PC card slot (internal or USB)
  • Full QWERTY keyborad
  • Durable on-baord printer
  • Standard SSU series seismographs feature an ISEE compliant external geophone with a 0.0025 in./sec resolution, two 250 Hz linear microphone, internal memory, four-line by 20 character LCD, heavy-duty stick and twist metal connectors, long-life rechargeable lead-acid battery, two independent threshold alarms, imperial/metric support, flexible user interface for on-site programming and free analysis software
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