Inland California Home Construction Building Momentum

No one is saying home construction has rebounded but developers are restarting fallowed developments in Southern California's inland areas

Across Southern California’s Inland region, developers are looking with renewed interest at thousands of acres where residential communities were approved or under construction when the recession hit – but never finished.

“The economy has come to a good place,” said Steve Ruffner, president of KB Home, Southern California. The company’s earthmoving equipment and construction workers are restarting work at Spring Mountain Ranch, a 785-acre master-planned development northeast of Riverside.

No one is saying that home construction has rebounded, however. New building permits are being issued in modest numbers.

Only 1,811 single-family building permits were issued in the first five months of 2014 in Riverside County. The numbers are up 5% in the Coachella Valley and down 2.4% in western Riverside County over the same period in 2013.

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