The Case for Construction Cost Containment

Huge cost overruns and missed deadlines have long been an accepted norm for construction project operations. Not that anyone is happy about this, but it has just been written off as a necessary evil. But in order to sustain in the current construction industry, these are practices that need to be changed. In this episode of the Construction Business Podcast, construction expert Barry LePatner provides a proposal for hardwiring construction cost containment into future projects. A goal, he says, of everyone involved in the construction process. LePatner's solution - The LePatner C3 Modelâ„¢ - is a new fixed-price approach to designing and building complex capital projects that enables all project team members to operate with confidence that their project will be completed on time and on budget. It does this while also assuring a fair profit to the construction team without the need for unwarranted claims and delays. Listen to this episode of the Construction Business Podcast as LePatner shares his insights into this model that his firm has implemented successfully for years. Guest: Barry LePatner Contact: Resources: The LePatner C3 Model: Construction Cost Certainty White Paper Links: