Interview With Pennsylvania Congressman Chris Carney

Neil Cavuto, Fox News Network, asks this Blue Dog from Pennsylvania about a second stimulus and his thoughts on the new transportation bill

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: in the meantime, calls for a second stimulus bill just hitting a major roadblock -- House Majority Whip James Clyburn today quoted as saying that another stimulus package is not needed, even as House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is, and he will make sure to have one by Christmas.

Now to a Blue Dog on which dog will hunt. Congressman Chris Carney is a Blue Dog from Pennsylvania.

Congressman, do you think we need more stimulus?

REP. CHRIS CARNEY (D), PENNSYLVANIA: Well, we need something.

And, in fact, what I think that we need to do is our transportation bill, which we should have been doing all along, from my perspective. As you know, Neil, that we do the transportation bill every five years. And this is the fifth year.

And states love the transportation bill because what it enables them to do is plan for a five-year period of time. They can start contracting out and hiring workers, getting the contractors in place. And that means lots and lots and lots of jobs.

CAVUTO: All right.

But I always wonder, when we get these type of developments, Congressman, whether it`s going to get the laid-off United Technologies worker, or the Lockheed Martin worker, or the GE worker, or any of these who have no experience in construction and roadwork and bridge work or any of that kind of work -- how is it going to get them working again?

CARNEY: Well, remember, the construction is not just the construction. The construction is building all the other things. And, as we move on into that...

CAVUTO: Yes. But we have already poured a lot of money with the last stimulus round into just that kind of work. And, last time I checked, unemployment keeps going up...

CARNEY: Well, actually, actually...

CAVUTO: ... and the -- the number of jobless keeps going up.

CARNEY: The -- the problem with the previous stimulus, from my perspective, at least, is only 6 percent of that money was for transportation infrastructure. We needed to do more, from my perspective.

And, actually, you know, in my district, in the Pennsylvania 10th District, based on Pennsylvania labor statistics, we have saved or created about 2,500 jobs. So, I think it be spotty, but it`s working.

CAVUTO: You know, how do you guys come up with that, Congressman? You know, I love you dearly, but how could you prove that?


CARNEY: Well, I`m going by Pennsylvania`s statistics.

CAVUTO: Oh, please.

CARNEY: Sure. Well, if you would like, I can send over the Pennsylvanian labor statistics.

CAVUTO: Well, I could send over a chart to you that says I am 175 pounds, all muscle. I mean, you can go ahead and read it, but whatever.


CAVUTO: I`m telling you, Congressman, when you look at these sort of government sort of triggered public jobs projects, and you know that the track record on them is a little bit specious, then maybe you have got put that particular shovel down, and, I don`t know, maybe look at the problem in a different way, that these workers who are getting laid off and why we have a 10-percent-plus unemployment rate is that we are not addressing them. You are sort of chasing the wrong jobs.

What do you think?

CARNEY: Well, I think we need to do the kind of jobs that create the infrastructure that make the -- the economy more efficient. And that is certainly in transportation.


CARNEY: And it`s not just roads. It`s railroads. It`s -- it`s bridges. It is also airports and seaports as well.

CAVUTO: All right.

Congressman, always a pleasure. Thank you very much.

CARNEY: Thanks, Neil.

CAVUTO: Congressman Carney.