New Study Shows Agencies and Businesses Struggling to Put Economic Stimulus Package to Work

Organizations struggle to both build the case for stimulus money and to spend it due to limited manpower.

Adapx ( today announced the results of a survey focused on how companies and government agencies across the nation are planning to use the $787 billion economic stimulus package to rebuild crumbling roads and bridges, modernize public buildings, and put people to work cleaning the air, water, and land. The results showed that many organizations face a common chicken or egg situation -- they need money to help compensate for resources cuts -- but the lack of resources are hindering their ability to successfully create compelling cases for stimulus money and to execute on stimulus projects.

Over 400 companies and government agencies were surveyed and the results show that these participants are struggling to make the basic case for stimulus money due to limited resources. 83 percent of teams still don't have the data needed to build their case for stimulus money. Most of those organizations are also facing increased pressures from limited resources. 61 percent of the teams have fewer people than in the past and 80 percent are under pressure to increase their productivity.

Results also suggest that rather than giving an immediate jolt to the economy, stimulus spending will be delayed as most respondents don't have the immediate resources to complete the projects. 82 percent of teams reported obstacles that would prevent them from immediately starting to spend stimulus money. 41 percent of the respondents said that once they receive the stimulus funds, they face the challenge to execute due to lack of staff. 32 percent have out-of-date plans which need to be updated, and 27 percent have to implement complex technology upgrades in order to even start the projects.

"The stimulus plan is paved with good intentions to spend money on highway construction and other infrastructure projects to help jolt the sluggish economy," said Ken Schneider, CEO at Adapx. "However, based on our survey, the jolt has yet to happen because organizations struggle to get the money and then aren't prepared to immediately spend due to shortfalls in resources or project teams. Whether the blame is the sluggish process of getting funding and projects approved or flaws in program design, the stimulus plan appears to have multiple challenges that need to be addressed in order to have a positive impact on economic growth."

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