Brighter Days Are Ahead

It’s that time of year again. Summer is moving out and Fall is slowly creeping upon us. During my travels this summer, I had the opportunity to speak with a number of contractors who all told the same story.

“Business is good.”

“We’re busy.”

“We’re turning down work because we can’t keep up.”

And judging by the “buzz” in the air from both manufacturers and contractors at the CFA convention and the more recent, ASCC conference, a rebound in the industry is afoot. We couldn’t be happier to see brighter days upon us! Don’t forget, if you’re involved in a unique and challenging project, drop me a line and tell me about it. We might feature it in a future issue of Concrete Contractor!

What you’re holding in your hand is the latest edition of our Annual 2015 Product Guide. Historically, this issue has been chock full of products and equipment you can utilize in your project. Many of the products featured in this issue offer jobsite solutions to work smarter, more efficient, and in some cases, reduce your labor costs.

Additionally, we added a few new features to this issue. Based on some of the conversations I’ve had with contractors over the last several months, we decided to offer a few broad based editorial pieces as an introduction to specific sections.

First up, on page 26 we caught up with Tom Ralston, an award winning decorative concrete contractor to discuss the trends he is seeing in decorative concrete work and his predictions for the industry as in 2015.

On page 44, we pose the question, “Are you ready for the new silica dust regulations?” This piece examines the proposed new OSHA rules regarding silica dust and what it means to you and your business.

Finally, on page, 56, we offer a brief introduction to Tier 4 engine technology. Understanding the implications of this transition and what to expect as new machines enter the market will help you determine what machine will best fit your needs.

We hope you enjoy this issue and make it a point to use it as a resource for the coming year. And if you’re looking to do some research behind specific product categories, visit the Buyers Guide on our website,