See the Latest Products to Help You Work Smarter

With over 130 different products, the products presented on the following pages offer jobsite solutions to work smarter, more efficient, and in some cases, reduce your labor costs.

What you’re holding in your hand is the latest edition of our Annual 2016 Product Guide. The October/November issue is packed with products and equipment you can utilize in your next project.

This year’s edition also features select editorial pieces on specific new products recently introduced to the marketplace. These pieces are designed to introduce you to a product you may not have been aware was available.

First up, on page 10, we introduce you to Kevin Parr, a contractor for 40 years, who along with his friend, Jimmy Schau, a Union Laborer of Local 1149, engineered and developed Green Key Telescoping forms. Parr says contractors who utilize these unique concrete forms will save money and perform the job more efficiently.

On page 16, learn how one contractor needed to find an under-slab insulation strategy that would perform well in temperatures ranging from below zero in the winter months to above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months.

Contractors have always been faced with the challenge of getting the most use out of their equipment and achieving a fast ROI. With the development of Tier 4 Final equipment and the subsequent rise in costs, contractors are reevaluating their applications and taking a look at more economical options, such as hydraulically powered tools and equipment. Turn to page 52 to learn more.

Finally, we introduce you to the first tool manufacturer in the U.S. to link tools to the Internet. You’ve likely heard of the Milwaukee Tool Company, but have you heard about the new technology movement, the “Internet of Things” (IoT)? It will be a part of your future and will likely influence how you both live and work. The IoT movement is all about controlling your devices remotely through the use of the Internet. Turn to page 61.

We hope you enjoy this issue and make it a point to use it as a resource for the coming year. And if you’re looking to do some research behind specific product categories, don’t forget to visit the Buyers Guide on our website,