The GRANUMAT Microsmarty Automatic Concrete Dosing Machine

Venator returned to Bauma in October 2022 where it highlighted its expertise in the manufacture of pigment dosing machines designed specifically for the construction industry and for coloring concrete. Known worldwide for its extensive range of inorganic pigments and functional additives, Venator has also developed a leading portfolio of pigment dosing systems that can be used in conjunction with specialist pigment preparations to transform grey concrete into any shade in the color spectrum.

Visitors saw one of Venator's GRANUMAT automatic dosing systems up close – the GRANUMAT Microsmarty. GRANUMAT is a range of modular machines that can be configured to match the manufacturing demands, color complexity, and location constraints of concrete production. Capable of storing more than 1,000 color recipes, GRANUMAT machines make the production of colored concrete cleaner and more economical, automatically weighing and transporting pigment from bulk storage containers directly into a concrete mixer in a completely enclosed automated batching operation. To work alongside its GRANUMAT systems, Venator offers a range of GRANUFIN micro granules. These high quality, spray-dried, color pigment granules are virtually dust-free and optimized for stability and dispersibility, enabling ready mix and block paving manufacturers to create streak-free mixtures. 

For the ready-mix market, Venator's CHAMELEON color dosing equipment range provides a small but sturdy, PC-operated machine thatcan make the production of colored ready-mix concrete cleaner, more consistent and, in some cases, twice as quick. The CHAMELEON™ is designed to work in conjunction with Venator's Davis Colors™ range – which has been helping to bring architecturally stunning designs to life since 1952. Popular with architects, building specifiers, and construction material manufacturers, the Davis Colors™ range is widely used across North America and Canada. 

"Whether you are a concrete paving producer looking to achieve an authentic natural look for your building materials, or a ready-mix producer supplying a customer that wants to make a bold color statement, our palette of pigment dosing machines and pigments can deliver what's required," says Dr. Jörg Zimmer, Head of Application Technology Construction at Venator.

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