Company Acquires, Will Promote Polyurea Development Online

Sector Media Strategies, LLC will support the polyurea protective coatings and linings industry.

Versaflex Logo 10774971, the polyurea coatings and linings industry's leading website portal, was recently purchased by Sector Media Strategies LLC. (SMS). SMS is an independent company originally backed by VersaFlex Incorporated, a world leading supplier of polyurea materials and formulations. SMS was established to provide market development and support services for all companies in the polyurea industry.

"We wanted to do something good for the polyurea suppliers and contractors community. So we backed a new industry media company called Sector Media Strategies LLC. (SMS) to specialize in market development activities for the polyurea protective coatings industry. We want the whole industry to benefit and we encourage all the polyurea community of suppliers and contractors to get involved," says David Cerchie, president of VersaFlex.

SMS purchased on June 21, 2012. The primary mission of the new will be to develop weekly news stories and job profiles of pure polyurea coatings linings and joint fill technology. will be re-launched to promote news, businesses and projects in the polyurea coatings, linings, and joint fill industries.

In addition, has already set-up the world's largest directory of both trained and professional polyurea applicators and contracting companies. Called the Polyurea Contractor Finder, there are already over 30 polyurea contractors signed up and many more in talks to come on board in the next few months. The polyurea contractors represent the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East, so no matter where you have a polyurea project, you can find trained and professional applicators.

The new site will get a total makeover and re-launch with its new look and new sponsors in the coming weeks. also announced they are in talks with Dudley J. Primeaux II, PCS, CCI to manage one of their new Bulletin Board technical forums. SMS will also be seeking global sponsorship for the website and have a tentative commitment from several industry suppliers and contractors.

"The main efforts will be to provide a vehicle for the polyurea industry to utilize in creating awareness of the current state of the art, exchange of ideas and recommended standards and training", according to SMS sources.

With over 2,000 registered user members of, and 50+ industry companies becoming active in the Online Polyurea Business Directory and Contractor Finder, hits the ground running as the largest group in the world assembled purely for the technical promotion and sales of polyurea products.

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