NewLook Announces Reduced Color Selection, Effective January 1, 2013

The decorative concrete products company is reducing its number of promoted colors from 80 to 20.

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NewLook International, a manufacturing company of decorative concrete products, will no longer be promoting 80 colors in the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stains, Translucent Enhancers and Designer Series Enhancers. Effective January 1, 2013, the company will promote only 20 standard colors, the same 20 colors that are currently on the NewLook Standard Color Selection Chart.

“Such a wide range of colors is problematic for our customers because it can make the color selection process very complicated,” notes Jacob Webb, NewLook International Vice President. “And few distributors are able to keep enough of such a wide color range in inventory to make the needed colors immediately available and accessible to these customers.”

NewLook customers can still order colors from the 80 colors currently promoted, they will just not be promoted on the NewLook website come January.

“If a customer knows what color they need, they will still be able to order it from a distributor, business as usual,” adds Webb. “There will be no additional ‘color match’ fee as we will still have the formulas on file. We will still offer color matching services but with hundreds of formulas in our database it is unlikely customers will need (or want) to pay a lab fee for something that is close enough to an existing formula.”

Whether or not each NewLook distributor promotes the original 80 colors or the reduced 20 standard colors will be left up to their own discretion. However, NewLook will no longer produce literature, color rings or information on any more than the 20 standard colors in 2013.

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