ARDEX Launches Three Self-Leveling Underlayments

The sometimes overwhelming task of choosing the right self-leveling underlayment has been made easier by ARDEX with the addition of three new self-leveling underlayment options.

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The sometimes overwhelming task of choosing the right self-leveling underlayment has been made easier by ARDEX with the addition of three new self-leveling underlayment options.

How does adding more products make selection easier? ARDEX Americas President, U.S. and Canadian Divisions, Jesse David, explains.

“Customers told us they wanted clearly defined solutions for the range of leveling challenges they encounter,” David says. “So, we have developed a comprehensive series of underlayments with specific differentiating qualities that provide the best solution for every installation or installation challenge.”

According to David, the ARDEX offering of self-leveling underlayments is summed up under Choose Your Solution.

  • Choose High Flow - ARDEX K 16 is fast and installs at a thin coat with high compressive strength.
  • Choose the Benchmark - ARDEX K 15 is the original and the most specified self-leveler in North America.
  • Choose Faster Dry Time - ARDEX K 13 is high performance, install floor coverings in just 16 hours.
  • Choose Reactivatable - ARDEX K 10 has a 25-minute healing time. Reactivate setting material with a spike roller.
  • Choose The Workhorse - ARDEX V 1200 is the leveler for big jobs on tight schedules.
  • Choose Versatile, No Water - ARDEX K 60 ARDITEX offers unmatched flexibility and adhesion.

Choose Your Solution offers leveling choices for standard, extremely absorbent and non-absorbent concrete; non-porous surfaces, non-water soluble adhesive residue over concrete, epoxy coating systems, even steel or metal, and more. Some products, such as ARDEX K 60 ARDITEX even offer solutions for permanently wet areas.

Two more underlayments provide the customer even more options.

  • Choose Low Prep - ARDEX LU 100 installs directly over well-bonded VCT, and existing patching, leveling or fill materials where complete removal is not an option.
  • Choose Over Gypsum or Wood - ARDEX GS-4 installs over gypsum and wood substrates. It also is recommended for above grade in-floor hydronic and electric radiant heat.

“ARDEX Engineered Cements is always the clear choice for the best the self-leveling industry has to offer,” said Greg Hunsicker, Manager of Business Analysis and Subfloor Prep Category. “Now, ARDEX has raised the bar providing the architect, contractor, installer and interior designer with the choice to fill every budget, timeline and installation challenge.”

ARDEX representatives will be visiting distributors throughout North America to provide detailed information, product demonstrations and answer customers’ questions, Hunsicker added.

Hunsicker says the company is making a wide range of resources available to help customers assess how specific qualities of each of ARDEX self-leveling underlayment address specific installation challenges.

“In support of the ARDEX Choose Your Solution program, we’ve published detailed information for each product on our website,,” Hunsicker said. “There, customers also can access brief videos about each product, including a basic installation demonstration, in both English and Spanish. Customers interested in knowing more can link to ARDEX Academy to find out when the next free substrate prep class is being offered.

Products are available for distribution and most of the ARDEX self-leveling underlayments are eligible for the ARDEX/HENRY SystemOne Warranty.

For ARDEX Academy product training, visit and click on ARDEX Academy.