Decorative Surface Solution Group LLC Launches to Increase Efficiency and Quality Standards

The DSS Group is focused on the rapidly expanding decorative surface solutions of polished concrete, pourable overlays, epoxies, resins and terrazzo.

Several long time industry veterans in both the flooring industry and the polished concrete industry have launched the Decorative Surface Solution Group with the intent to connect the industry’s best suppliers with the premier contractors across several channels. The DSS Group serves the hard surfaces market which includes pourable overlays, epoxies, polished concrete, resins and terrazzo. Though many of these technologies have been around for years, their use in flooring industry is still relatively young.

These high growth categories are gaining market share daily and The DSS Group will help to bring some needed consistency in product placement standards and maturity to the marketing of these solutions to a much larger client base. The company will also help the suppliers efficiently reach what is a fairly fragmented market. “The traditional flooring market has long been a part of this collective buying and marketing strategy, now is the right time to bring this next level of sophistication across our segments of the business” said Curt Thompson, President and CEO.

Based in California, the DSSG team has been actively involved in developing and revolutionizing the concrete polishing industry over last 20 years. “Concrete polishing and alternative decorative surfaces really took off in the late 90s and have seen tremendous momentum ever since. We are seeing strong double digit growth in these alternative surfaces as our major commercial end users are shying away from higher life cycle cost items such as resilient and carpet”, says Mike Price, one of the founders of DSS Group.

Major players are already lining up to participate in the program as they have long seen a need to help this part of the industry take the next step. “I’m anxious to see our industry continue to grow and prosper and I think the leadership team at DSS Group will help the key players drive this for years to come”, says Jeff McCool, President and founder of Jeffco Concrete Contractors, one of the premier contractors in this space in the Southeast.

If you would like more information about the Decorative Surface Solutions Group, please contact Curt Thompson at 925-964-6377 or e-mail him at [email protected].

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