CPS Introduces Aggressive Coatings Removal Tool for Surface Prep Industry

Bush Hammer removes heavy coatings with ease.

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Concrete Polishing Solutions now offers Bush Hammers, the tool for removing heavy, thick coatings. The CPS Bush Hammer features three tungsten carbide rollers with conical points mounted on a plate to run under concrete floor grinders, ideal for breaking down difficult coatings while leaving a textured surface ideal for bonding future epoxy coatings or overlays. It also can be used to increase slip-resistance on both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Offered on both an 11” plate and 9” inch plate, for maximum versatility.
  • The hammer’s rollers are available in both small and large sizes, ideal for any size job.
  • Replacement rollers can be ordered for the Bush Hammer as well and the tools are perfect for running under CPS Grinders like the G-320D, the G-290, and the G-250XT.
  • The Bush Hammer is part of CPS’ line of surface preparation tools, including aggressive PCDs ideal for removing glues and mastics without causing damage to the floor in the process.
  • Bush Hammer assemblies and replacement parts are available through CPS or its distributors.