Helix PolySeal WB

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Helix PolySeal WB is a new generation of water-based polyurethane coating that meets or exceeds abrasion resistance and chemical resistance of comparable solvent-based polyurethanes.

  • Eco friendly, odorless, water-based coating with ultra-low VOC levels to meet all government and regional standards
  • Two-part coating
  • Resistant to hot tire pick up
  • Interchangeable Part A to achieve gloss levels ranging from satin to high gloss
  • Low viscosity for easy roller application
  • Quart, 1-gal. and 5-gal. kits
  • Multiple applications, including clear coating over interior stained, dyed, overlaid, or stamped concrete floors; pigmented basecoat with a clear top coat; clear chemical resistant topcoat over decorative epoxy chip flooring; diluted clear coat over exterior decorative concrete; diluted stain guard over polished concrete; and anti-graffiti
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