Check Out These 6 Products at World of Concrete 2021

Products to be seen at the show floor at the 2021 World of Concrete, June 8-10 in Las Vegas.

6 Products You'll Find at This Year's World of Concrete
The SCREEDSAVER ELITE is just one of the many hundreds and hundreds of products and services you will find at World of Concrete 2021.

With World of Concrete 2021 on schedule for an in-person event (the first major tradeshow in the country, by the way), we collected a quick shortlist of products you'll find on the show floor. World of Concrete is scheduled to run June 8-10, for Las Vegasremember, there will be no on-site registration this year, so make sure to register online as soon as possible. 

Forget your face mask at the gate? Don't worry, while the show isn't requiring a face mask but they are recommended. A fask will be available for guests should you not have one of your own. Attendees are asked to follow all CDC guidelines for social distancing. The show provides a list of all safety precautions each guest are asked to required to follow.

The weather forecast says it should be hot, so keep cool, hydrate, and stay safe.

6 Products You'll Find at This Year's World of Concrete

As presented in Concrete Contractor April/May 2021. 

The ERGO System - A Compact Hydrodemolition Robot

The robot offers four times the power of a hand lance in a compact footprint that contractors can easily move around the jobsite. It is ideal for work on floors, walls and ceilings.The robot offers four times the power of a hand lance in a compact footprint that contractors can easily move around the jobsite. It is ideal for work on floors, walls and ceilings.AquajetThe Ergo System hydrodemolition robot exerts 225 lbs. of reactive force to quickly, easily and consistently remove concrete to a preset depth.

  • Includes the Ergo Controller unit, Ergo Power Head to manipulate the high-pressure lance, and spine or climber to support and maneuver the power head based on project needs
  • 271-lb. controller measures 44 in. tall and 17 in. wide and includes wide wheels and low ground pressure for easy transport
  • Climber attaches to standard scaffolding pipes and robotically moves along it for vertical concrete removal and repair

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Pettibone Traverse T944X Telehandler

6 Products You'll Find at This Year's World of ConcreteThe T944X builds upon Pettibone’s traditional rock-solid design, delivering the same ruggedness and dependability while providing several new design enhancements.Pettibone Traverse Lift LLCThe Traverse T944X telehandler features an extendable, traversing boom that moves loads by traveling horizontally, providing up to 70 in. of horizontal boom transfer for precise and safe load placement at full lift height.

  • Specified lift height of 44 ft. 6 in. is nearly identical to the 44-ft. landing height
  • Traversing boom allows for maximum forward reach of 35 ft. 10 in.
  • Maximum lift capacity of 9,000 lbs.
  • 74-hp Cummins QSF 3.8 Tier 4 Final diesel engine features a DOC muffler and requires no diesel exhaust fluid
  • Side pod engine offers easy service access and optimal curbside visibility

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The SCREEDSAVER ELITE Laser-Guided Concrete Screed

6 Products You'll Find at This Year's World of ConcreteThe SCREEDSAVER ELITE is Ligchine’s newest laser-guided concrete screed machine to join the SCREEDSAVER line of innovative, labor-saving machines.LigchineThe all-wheel-drive SCREEDSAVER ELITE includes a 12-ft. head that allows for more finished square footage per pass, plus its side-shift ability makes it easier to screed around stick-ups in the slab with precise accuracy.

  • Heavy-duty boom sections reach out to 18 ft.
  • Narrower chassis fits through smaller doors or onto smaller trailers
  • Improved radio provides more intuitive layout and diagnostics at the operator's fingertips 
  • Includes a 65-gal. onboard fluid tanks and an onboard pressure washer for cleanup
  • Optional dual trackers to match surfaces without extra cabling or software

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The Brokk 70 Demolition Robot

6 Products You'll Find at This Year's World of ConcreteThe Brokk 70 incorporates the SmartConcept system, which includes SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote for improved performance and uptimeBrokk Inc.The Brokk 70 incorporates SmartPower, the company’s signature intelligent power management system, and boasts 9.8 kW of power with a hydraulic output of 5.5 kW.

  • Measures 35 in. tall and 23.5 in. wide and fits through narrow doorways and into tight spaces
  • Base weight of just 1,235 lbs. allows transport on an ordinary passenger elevator
  • Three-part arm extends to 10.5 ft. vertically and 8.8 ft. horizontally
  • Outfitted with a BHB 105 hydraulic breaker with 159 joules of hitting power
  • Ergonomic SmartRemote remote control with almost 1,000 ft. of wireless working range

Brokk's SmartPowerthe company’s signature intelligent power management systemis the smallest electric robot in the Brokk range offers 100% more power than its predecessor, the Brokk 60 II, yet retains the same compact dimensions with only a 133-lbs. (60-kilogram) weight increase. With the BHB 105 breaker, the Brokk 70 brings safe, efficient demolition to the most confined spaces and is ideal for a variety of applications and industries.

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The Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractor

The Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractor takes dust collection to a new level of performance and productivity. Lavina Elite dust extractors feature important upgrades for efficient dust management on the jobsite and are OSHA compliant.  

6 Products You'll Find at This Year's World of ConcreteThe Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractor features a four-stage dust collection system and is available in a propane and electric version.Superabrasive Inc.

  • Four-stage dust collection for a dramatic increase in cleaning efficiency: Integrated pre-separator captures the large particles and extends filter life; Second cyclone around the conical filter captures the mid-sized particles; Conical M class filter with high air permeability and large filter area for better suction and longer working time between cleaning intervals with a large filter area; and a Hepa filter H13 as the last filtration point captures 99.95% of particles 0.15-0.23 μm.
  • An integrated emergency lamp reminds the operator to clean the filter.
  • Option to upgrade to automatic cleaning
  • Lighter and more compact body design.
  • Offered in propane (V32GE - 470 cfm) and electric models (V32E - 490 cfm, 220V or 480V).

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Hydra-Screed HS3000 from Curb Roller Manufacturing

6 Products You'll Find at This Year's World of ConcreteDesigned with the operator in mind, the Hydra-Screed HS3000 has many features that make operation comfortable and efficient.Curb Roller ManufacturingThe Hydra-Screed HS3000 has the weight and strength to move over 6 in. of concrete along the pour while allowing operators to remain in a standing position.

  • Screeds up to 30 ft. in length
  • Rubber inserts can easily be removed to accommodate any desired length of pipe, custom V-flume, crowned roller screed and other desired profiles
  • Two-way variable speed control
  • Single pin allows for direction change
  • Handles pivot into the desired position
  • Requires 3 to 5 gpm at 2,250 psi

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