Materials Concrete October 2009

Materials for concrete construction.

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BLAST-OFF Concrete Remover


BLAST-OFF features a dual-functional molecule that dissolves concrete buildup and splatter without damaging or corroding exposed steel, chrome, aluminum or electrical components. The deeply penetrating formula contains no mineral acid and is odor-free, non-corrosive and non-hazardous according to OSHA and federal DOT standards. BLAST-OFF is readily biodegradable (90% in 7 days) and is available in a new 2.6-gal. bag-in-the-box packaging that is 100% recyclable.


Nox-Crete Product Group

Concrete Dissolver


Zep environmentally friendly concrete remover quickly removes concrete, lime, scale, calcium, mortar, grout and Portland cement from metal equipment, metal forms, shovels, tools and concrete mixers.

  • Features a biodegradable blend of low pH organic salts and high-foaming wetting agents
  • Effectively cleans new concrete, stone, masonry, and glazed tile
  • Non-fuming for safer, easier use
  • Available in 5-gal. pails and 55-gal. drums


Zep Inc.

Green Concrete Mix


Quikrete's new Green Concrete Mix contains 50% recycled materials including aggregates, fly ash and/or slag cements. The material achieves a compressive strength of 3,500 psi in 28 days and meets ASTM C 387 requirements. Green Concrete Mix can qualify for LEED points.


The Quikrete Companies

iCrete System


  • Provides concrete producers with proprietary concrete mix designs and production processes
  • Optimizes void space and minimizes cement paste needed to bon aggregates
  • Optimized mix designs and strict quality controls enhance concrete's strength and consistency



Mapelastic Smart


  • Two-component, flexible cementitious membrane
  • Applied by roller or brush
  • Waterproofing and concrete protection against atmospheric elements like seawater, salts and sulphates
  • For concrete foundations, retaining walls, balconies, terraces, swimming pools and fountains


Mapei Corporation Usa



W.R. Meadows' Perminator is an underslab vapor barrier that can withstand normal construction jobsite conditions and traffic. The Perminator is available in 10 and 15 mil thicknesses and comes in 200-ft. long rolls.


W.R. Meadows Inc.

RheoTEC Admixtures


  • Admixture series achieves flexible amounts of slump retention and workability control without retardation
  • Work in combination with Glenium high-range, Polyheed mid-range and Pozzolith water-reducing admixtures
  • Promote consistent workability, consistent air content, and improved early- and late-age compressive strengths


BASF Construction Chemicals

SET-XP Anchor Adhesive


  • Meets ICC-ES AC308 cracked concrete requirements
  • Use with threaded rod (carbon and stainless steel) and rebar
  • Recognized for use at embedment depths up to 20 times the anchor diameter



Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.

Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier


Stego's Wrap Vapor Barrier is a 15-mil geo-membrane for moisture and radon gas resistance. It is made of a combination of prime virgin resins and additives and can be used in contact with and directly below a concrete slab. Stego's vapor barrier has an almost zero Water Vapor Transmission Rate and prevents moisture, water vapor, soil gases and alkaline salts from entering the building envelope.


Stego Industries, LLC

Viper VaporCheck II


Viper VaporCheck II is a vapor barrier/retarder designed to be used under the slab to help prevent moisture migration. It is a multi-layer, plastic extrusion manufactured from prime virgin polyolefin resins. Viper VaporCheck II is available in both 10 mil and 15 mil. The 15-mil is blue in color and comes in 14-ft. x 140-ft. rolls. The 10-mil is gray in color and comes in 14-ft. x 210-ft. rolls. Both are "Class A" vapor barriers/retarders. We also have a "Class C" vapor barrier/retarder that comes in black. This product is a 10 mil product with the 14-ft. x 210-ft. roll size.



Insulation Solutions, Inc.



Hycrete W1000 is an admixture technology that provides integral corrosion resistance and waterproofing at the time concrete is placed. Hycrete W1000 eliminates the need for membranes, built-up treatments, steel coating and concrete densifiers. It has zero VOCs and provides real-time waterproofing at concrete placement.


Hycrete Inc.



  • Concrete bonding agent bonds to any structurally sound interior or exterior surface including concrete, stucco, tile setting beds and terazzo
  • Can be applied in a single application 1 hour to 10 days prior to concrete placement


Larsen Products Corporation

Z System


  • Stain proofs concrete with the SuperFlowz and Liquid Z admixtures
  • Counterhard Densifier conditions concrete while the First Sealz seals it
  • Environmentally friendly, low maintenance and can improve durability, scratch and stain resistance of concrete
  • Provides a natural "concrete" finish


Delta Performance Products LLC