Fcp Viper Vapor Tape 11141044
Viperr Ii Final 10756742

Viper VaporCheck II vapor barriers/retarders are designed to be used under the slab to help prevent moisture migration.

  • Multi-layer, plastic extrusion manufacturing process from prime virgin polyolefin resins
  • Class A vapor barriers/retarders in 15 mil (blue) and 10 mil (gray) 
  • Class C vapor barriers/retarders in 10 mil (black) and 6 mil (white)
  • 10- and 6-mil products available in 14-ft. x 210-ft. rolls; 15-mil product available in 14-ft. x 140-ft. roll
  • White poly seam tape, VaporPatch and VaporCheck Mastic also available


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