CENTRI-CAST Hydraulic Repair Mortars

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Engineered for ease of application, fiber-reinforced CENTRI-CAST hydraulic repair mortars provide existing underground metal and concrete pipes with trenchless sealing, structural reinforcement and corrosion protection.

  • Centrifugally-cast from within, Five Star CENTRI-CAST creates a dense and highly impermeable repair coating that restores and protects both old and new pipes
  • CENTRI-CAST Mortars are centrifugally cast in place within existing pipes, resulting in no digging or disruption of traffic. Furthermore, CENTRI-CAST materials can be used for both large and small volume applications
  • Versatile single pass applications range from ¼-in. to 1-in.
  • Typical applications include rehabilitation of most all underground pipes, storm drains, culverts and manhole linings


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