New CoolCure Concrete Admixture

New CoolCure Concrete Admixture converts typical cement into a Type IV, low-heat cement resulting in up to 80% less heat and 50% greater strength.

Cool Cure

CoolCure is a revolutionary new technology that significantly reduces/eliminates the heat of hydration. At the same time while reducing heat, major increases in compressive strength and working/placement time are enabled with CoolCure. Through the utilization of advanced technology, a more balanced stoichiometry and nanotechnology, this new technology will change the face of concrete technology today.
CoolCure works by balancing the chemistry. This minimizes by-products and results in a more efficient reaction. While creating a more efficient reaction, more bonds are created that generate more strength. Increases in strength have been realized from 40% to 100%. The heat is reduced by minimizing the calcium hydroxide byproduct generation. Its exotherm is well known in chemistry. The calcium hydroxide is better utilized by creating more CSH (reinforcing bonds) instead of creating troublesome heat.

CoolCure is ideal for large mass pours, and can be implemented in existing cement mixing facilities and trucks. Its eco-friendly composition simply balances the chemical reactions, minimizes the by-product and resultant heat generation. At the same time it increases compressive strength.

CoolCure also greatly reduces the potential for delayed alkali–silica reaction (ASR). It occurs whenever concrete pH exceeds 12.5 and some portland is not fully wetted-out in the mix. Conventional concrete pH typically varies from 12.5 to 13.5 and Cool-Cure results in a pH of 12.4. Also CoolCure fully wets out the portland.

Quite simply, reduced delayed ASR = longer usage life.

CoolCure Benefits:

  • Balanced Reaction = less CaOH formation
  • No cooling or thermal management plans required
  • No fly ash or slag required
  • No thermal cracking
  • Reduced concrete porosity
  • No cooling aggregate
  • Improved freeze/thaw resistance
  • No cooling coils/chiller bundles embedded the concrete
  • No adding dry ice to the wet mix
  • Reduced energy and lower construction costs
  • No skin chemical burns
  • Fire and freeze stable = no explosive spallation
  • Extended delivery and placement time
  • Less relief cutting required
  • Bleed water eliminated
  • Reduced metal corrosion
  • Increased service-life
  • Enhanced low temperature placement temperature
  • Increased delivery range
  • No lost loads

Notably, CoolCure is a much safer solution than portland cement which is caustic and can damage the skin. Workers in contact with wet Portland cement are at risk of chemical burns and developing skin problems. CoolCure does not burn the skin.

Additionally, cure speeds can be customized upon request as CoolCure offers ‘cure-on-demand’ technology variations that can speed or slower the cure speed to meet end-users specific applications needs.

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