SikaCem-190 Concrete Control

SikaCem-190 is a concrete finishing aid and evaporation retardant that extends workability and makes finishing concrete easier and faster.

SikaCem-190 Concrete Control
Sika Corporation
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Ideal for all concrete, colored concrete, and dry shake hardener applications, Sika's SikaCem-190 Concrete Control is a non-filming, low VOC, amorphous colloidal silica topical additive applied to freshly placed concrete that maintains adequate moisture while reducing the risk of concrete setting prematurely.

SikaCem-190 Concrete ControlSika CorporationApplications of SikaCem-190 Concrete Control include decorative concrete, concrete slabs, polished concrete, driveways and sidewalks, interior or exterior concrete, parking garages, industrial floor slabs, and bridges and roads. 

Features & Benefits

  • Extended concrete workability
  • Lubricates concrete surface
  • Promotes proper hydration
  • Reduces surface crazing
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Chemically reacts with entire mix design
  • Promotes flatter, thicker, denser cream cap

SikaCem-190 Concrete ControlSika CorporationSikaCem-190 Concrete Control is applied during the floating and troweling of freshly placed concrete to control moisture loss, allow proper cement hydration, extend workability, and make finishing concrete flatwork easier and faster under adverse conditions of wind, sun, high temperatures, or low humidity.

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