Optec Paver Enhancer and Optec EC-875

  • The Optec line from Grace Construction Products introduces two new admixtures designed to enhance the physical properties and aesthetics of concrete masonry units. The Optec Paver Enhancer is specifically formulated to reduce the cost of paver segmental retaining walls by achieving comparable strength properties with less cement. It can also enhance color dispersion and help minimize secondary efflorescence. This ready-to-use liquid may be used in plants producing conrete pavers, SWRS and other low slump concrete products. Optec Paver Enhancer provides a medium swipe on the surface of the unit for better water control. The Optec EC-875 is an innovative color enhancing and efflorescence controlling admixture formulated to enhance the appearance and color vibrancy of SWRs and pavers, architectural units, roof tiles and other low slump concrete products. It has been formulated to provide excellent plasticity and machinability. The Optec EC-875 improves the dispersion of the cement throughout the mix and may also allow for increased water in the mix.
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