Introducing the MAKO FinStand and Base Plate 4.5

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MAKO Enterprises is changing the way contractors do concrete with the new FinStand and Base Plate 4.5. The MAKO FinStand and Base Plate support a FinCap screed chair to provide adjustable elevation control for concrete slabs and structural members. Contractors can be assured the finished elevation of their slabs will be maintained even in environments with extreme sub-grade variance or deck deflections.

  • Patented, stay-in-place screed supports are fully adjustable for any slab 4.5” (115mm) or thicker
  • The FinCap, FinStand and Base Plate assembly is engineered to provide up to 1.25” (40mm) of adjustability for each setting
  • All-threads are available in seven different lengths to generate the desired slab thickness
  • Adding a nut and washer to the all-thread will enable another 0.5” (13mm) gain in height for a total 1.75” (45mm) of adjustability
  • The FinStand may be used with or without the Base Plate
  • MAKO Screed Supports are suitable for all types of flatwork; slab-on-grade, elevated decks, embankments, bridges, superflat floors, multiple mats and leveling sub-grade
  • MAKO products can be used with any type of screed, including: roller, vibrating or truss screeds, and wet, hand or laser screeds.
  • Each FinStand with or without the Base Plate will hold up to 1,000 lbs when using a steel all-thread.
  • For metal decking, the FinStand is designed to straddle the upper or lower flute deformation and secure with fasteners to the metal deck providing quick setup and easy alignment
  • Ideal for vapor barriers and provides a non-penetrating screed rail or structural element support solution
  • Ideal for use on hard rock or overlays plus sandy or loamy soil
  • Supports can be brought quickly into alignment by inserting a #4 (13 mm) rebar between the FinStand and Base Plate



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