MAKO Improves on Award-Winning Concrete Elevation Control Systems

Offers durability, support and efficiency as part of the MAKO Screed Support Systems

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MAKO Enterprises has released the new and improved MAKO FinStand and Base Plate, increasing the versatility and strength of the products.With industry-leading usability, the FinStand and Base Plate work together to create a stay-in-place form to use on wood or metal elevated decks or over vapor barrier, concrete overlay, sand or rock subgrade, sloped slabs, and abutments to name a few. Each support holds up to a 1,000 pound load.

  • The new FinStand is made of an impact resistant material and is virtually unbreakable. The new design provides faster setup and has 1-3/4” of adjustability using a ½” x 13 threaded rod
  • The FinStand supports the MAKO FinCap pipe screed support as well as the new JAWS goal post screed support
  • It can be used with or without the Base Plate
  • The new Base Plate, now concrete gray in color, is produced in impact resistant material for increased strength and versatility
  • The Base Plate now has a textured bottom which offers quicker adherence to construction materials and can be easily patched in tilt-up applications
  • The new MAKO products provide a non-penetrating support system for use on vapor barriers
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