CON-E-CO Self-Contained LO-PRO 327S Batch Plant

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CON-E-CO is unveiling the new CON-E-CO LO-PRO 327S mobile batch plant. The LO-PRO 327S achieves a new level of performance with a compact, self-erecting and self-contained batch plant that features an in-truss dust control system, a weighed water batcher, and the LO-PRO's blending cement batcher and live-bottom aggregate batcher for industry-leading productivity.

  • Built-in hydraulic system self erects, while the low overall height means the 327S can be set on steel mats
  • The LO-PRO 327S features a frame-mounted truck mixer dust control system (or central dust control system) and a weighed water batcher that travel in place with the plant
  • The plant's 13-ft., 2-in. height from grade to the truck mixer charging hood eliminates the need to excavate for truck clearance
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