Sinoboom BV Implements QR Codes to Enhance Customer Service

In order to improve customer service, the all new MEWPS come equipped with QR codes that offer additional information at the customer's fingertips.

New QR code on Sinoboom's Scissor Lift.
New QR code on Sinoboom's Scissor Lift.
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Customers of Sinoboom BV, the European subsidiary of the specialist access equipment manufacturer, are receiving MEWPs with QR decals fitted as a standard to all machines. These are providing additional services and information functions to enhance the customer service experience.

Operators and owners can scan the codes with a standard smartphone camera app. This takes them to a unique website, specific to that MEWP, where there is direct access to all user manuals and specification sheets for that particular machine. Also available is the original Certificate of Conformity and a voluntary Change-of-Ownership Form, providing an efficient, streamlined service at all stages of ownership.

The QR codes also provide the customer with an opportunity to sign up for new product alerts, making them the first to hear about availability of technology upgrades and other services available from Sinoboom BV.

The application of this QR technology was instigated and organized by Danny Wesselius, Sinoboom BV operations manager, to ensure continuous and seamless after-sales service to customers across Europe. Sinoboom's hope is to strengthen all customer relationships through quality customer service.

“I know from my previous job with a large rental company how important it is to have easy access to these documents – we hope this will improve safety and efficiency,” Wesselius said.

UK & Ireland Regional Manager Julie Houston Smyth introduces the QR codes alongside other benefits of Sinoboom’s battery-operated scissor lift range here.

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