PennDOT to Remove Loose Concrete from Fort Duquesne Bridge after Pieces Fall

The 6- to 8-inch diameter pieces fell in two places but didn’t hit anything.

Pittsburg Post-Gazette
Fort Duquesne Bridge South Jeh
Jim Henderson/Creative Commons

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation conducted an emergency inspection of the Fort Duquesne Bridge after two small pieces of concrete fell to the ground Tuesday.

Report: 38 Percent of U.S. Bridges in Need of Repair

In addition, the DOT plans to follow up next week to remove deteriorating concrete. Crews will knock off minor loose concrete, but if they find more extensive work is needed, maintenance crews could be called in with jackhammers, reports the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

Much of the bridge is original construction from the 1960s, when concrete was expected to last 40 to 45 years. The Gazette reports that crews have worked on the concrete shell of the deck the past two summers to patch deteriorating concrete.

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