TCA Releases Second Edition of The Architecture of Tilt-Up

Second edition includes imagery of tilt-up projects, updates to the construction section and a new chapter on sustainability.

MOUNT VERNON, IOWA - The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) - a non-profit international organization that serves to expand and improve the use of Tilt-Up as the preferred construction method -- has announced the release of the second edition of The Architecture of Tilt-Up.

A new large format (10 inches by 10 inches) marks many of the dramatic changes from the first edition offered in 2004. The second edition includes colorful imagery of some of the best Tilt-Up project of the past five years along with significant updates to the construction section and the addition of a chapter on sustainability. Further, the book includes new techniques, rendered three-dimensional details and evidence of great strides of innovation in the Tilt-Up industry.

The book is part of the resources on the design and construction of site cast Tilt-Up construction. TCA developed the content for The Architecture of Tilt-Up through the guidance of leading design professionals with vast experience in the building method. The book augments the popular Tilt-Up Construction and Engineering Manual, currently in its sixth edition.

"This book expresses the creative energy that exists throughout the worldwide Tilt-Up industry," states Jim Baty, TCA Technical Director. "Along with even stronger content than was delivered in the first edition, this resource embraces the style and quality of an industry that has achieved significant maturity."

Consisting of full color, detailed photography and corresponding information, The Architecture of Tilt-Up starts the reader from the initial concept of selecting Tilt-Up through an immense variety of building types, finish options and design features. A general overview of the construction process is provided, as well as information to help designers capitalize on the economy and efficiency the construction medium offers while also serving as a solution for complex design vernaculars. The book concludes with appendices that provide guideline specifications and common detailing solutions and theories.

The Architecture of Tilt-Up is available for $115 for non-members or $95 for members. For orders of 10 or more, each book is available at a reduced rate of $75. For questions or to order, contact TCA at 319-895-6911, or visit the TCA website at

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