CRSI Updates Guidelines for Placement and Inspection of Reinforced Bar

Placing Reinforcing Bars and Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars provide the most accepted and current practices in placing reinforcing bars in concrete structures and pavement.

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The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) recently released its newly updated 10th edition of Placing Reinforcing Bars and second edition of Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars.

Placing Reinforcing Bars was written for apprentices, journeymen ironworkers, and inspectors and provides the most accepted and current practices in placing reinforcing bars in structures and pavement.

The 18 heavily illustrated chapters cover such topics as safety precautions; types of materials; handling of bars at the jobsite; general principles for bar placing, splicing and tying; inspection; and bar placement in footings, walls, columns, floors, roofs, pavement and transportation structures. A chapter on epoxy-coated and other coated reinforcement is also included in this guide.

Notable updates and revisions to this edition include:

  • Bar marking coverage was updated;
  • Typical reinforcing bar bend shapes expanded;
  • Updated standard and stirrup/tie hooks date;
  • Updated reinforcing bar fabrication tolerances;
  • Updated hoisting equipment and hand signal illustrations;
  • Expanded coverage regarding placing drawings and bar lists;
  • Revised coverage of bar supports;
  • Expanded field placing tolerances with the addition of vertical bar placement;
  • Extensive coverage of recommended first/last bar placement;
  • The safety chapter was moved to the first chapter to emphasize the importance of field safety; and
  • New bar size #20 added.

Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars provides an overview of placing reinforcing bars. The latest edition contains updated content to coincide with ACI 318 (2019) and includes Appendix A (US Manufacturers of Reinforcing Bars). The guide also examines material inspection, installed reinforcing bar tolerances, visual inspection of installed rebar, and more. This guide can be used in combination with the Placing Reinforcing Bars publication, or as a standalone product.

Chapters in the Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars discuss such topics as:

  • Safety precautions;
  • Inspection of reinforcing bars;
  • Rust on reinforcing bars;
  • Radial prefabrication (Bend Type 9);
  • Bending, straightening and rebending reinforcing bars;
  • Specialty and corrosion-resistant steel reinforcement;
  • Updated reinforcing bar identification guide.

Both titles, along with all of CRSI’s trusted publications, can be purchased from the CRSI webstore at, or by calling CRSI at 847-517-1200.