BASF MasterLife CRA 007

Basf Cra Treated 11302752

BASF announces a unique crack-reducing admixture technology, MasterLife CRA 007, which enhances the aesthetics and long-term durability of concrete by reducing the likelihood cracking will occur and, if it does, minimizes the crack width.

  • A shrinkage-reducing admixture that produces a maximum initial crack width of 175mm (.007 inches) in high-performance, crack-prone (HPCP) concrete mixtures tested with ASTM C1581 test method
  • Crack widths this small do not transport water and have the potential to self-heal over time, thus increasing concrete durability
  • Will meet ASTM C494, Standard Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete, Type S, Specific Performance Admixtures.
  • MasterLife CRA 007 admixture is part of the Master Builders Solutions portfolio of products for the construction industry

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