Rugged Mobility Solutions As Tough As Your Crew

Running mobile apps on rugged mobile devices is essential for sustaining your construction business.

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When it comes to using technology on construction jobsites, smartphones are at the center of the action. In a recent study from the JBKnowledge ConTech report of construction pros, nearly 93% of respondents said they use smartphones for their work, more than laptops and tablets.

Using rugged smartphones and feature phones offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than using non-rugged devices. They hold value for a far longer period of time than their non-rugged counterparts, cost less in repairs and replacement, don't require expensive aftermarket cases, and most importantly function reliably in critical environments, ensuring that business continues without interruption.

Durability means reliability ­ why Kyocera rugged devices, DuraForce PRO 2 and DuraXV Extreme, are essential pieces of the solution.

Kyocera’s devices are built rugged from the inside out to withstand harsh environments and mishaps. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and features designed to function in demanding situations, the devices are the backbone of our Total Solution offering for construction whose workforce endures environmental challenges every day.

  • Military Standard 810G and IP68 profiles for rugged protection
  • Non-Incendive, Class I, Div. 2, Hazardous Location Protection
  • Devices designed for Push-to-Talk (PTT)*
  • Dedicated SOS/emergency button*
  • Glove & Wet touch operation
  • 100dB+ loudspeakers
  • Noise-Canceling technology
  • Programmable keys
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Two-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (*Additional fees and service may apply.)

Beyond rugged design

Drop? Dust? Mud? Water immersion? Kyocera rugged devices are drop proof, dust proof, waterproof with Mil-STD 810G and IP68 certified protection and are Japanese-precision engineered to withstand harsh working environments. They can also be cleaned and disinfected for additional safety in the current environment.

Both devices include protection in hazardous locations: Non-incendive, Class I, Division 2, Group A-D, and T4 and are certified for use in classified hazardous work environments where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or mists are not normally present in an explosive concentration.

Exceptional productivity features

DuraForce PRO 2 and DuraXV Extreme get the job done with powerful batteries, dual-front speakers and noise cancellation that allows you to hear clearly even in the noisiest environments. The DuraForce PRO 2 features Glove and Wet Touchscreen operation while the DuraXV Extreme has a raised keypad and programmable buttons to simplify operation. The DuraForce PRO 2 includes an impressive super-wide view 4K action camera for capturing essential project data with a wider view in fewer shots.

Instant two-way communication

Cellular devices with Push-To-Talk deliver much greater coverage than standard two-way radios. Kyocera rugged devices are designed for Push-To-Talk instant communication and feature a large dedicated side button and loud speakerphone. Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many over cellular or Wi-Fi networks while utilizing the productivity features of DuraForce PRO 2 and DuraXV Extreme.

Communication you can count on

Make traveling easier with, 3G and 4G LTE Global Ready support plus LTE international roaming. Cellular/Wi-Fi calling with HD voice, VoLTE for improved voice quality, and Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot capability for up to 10 connections round out the impressive communication features.

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Kyocera's Total Solution - mobile applications and accessories to address construction needs

Mobile Applications

Combined with a valued partner application ecosystem, Kyocera aims to help address specific needs of industries. Top mobile applications for construction jobsites include photo/video management, tool tracking, time management, viewing files, and project management. With the current situation and worker safety requirements, maintaining project management from a distance has become more important than ever. Mobile apps allow construction companies to be more efficient with the resources they already have to problem solve while working remotely.

Kyocera works with a wide variety of application partners to address the unique challenges of the construction industry:

  • Safety Management, Worker Safety – CrisisGo, OmniResponse, Truce
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Airwatch by VMWare®, MobileIron®, SOTI®, 42Gears
  • Cyber Security – Wandera Cloud Security
  • Push-To-Talk Zello, ESChat®, Orion Labs, Verizon® Push To Talk Plus (PTT+) AT&T® Enhanced Push-To-Talk (EPTT)
  • Fleet Asset Management - Fleet Complete®
  • Workforce and Time Management – busybusyTM, Actsoft, StreetSmart®


Mobile accessories help turn rugged devices into customized tools, making your crew more efficient and productive. All authorized accessories are tested with Kyocera rugged devices for quality and compatibility.

  • Carrying Solutions: Cases and Holsters
  • Audio: Remote Speaker Mics (RSMs), Headsets
  • Charging: Single and Multi-bay Chargers, Wireless Chargers
  • Vehicle Mounting: Cradles, Rugged Mounts, Hands-Free Vehicle Kits
  • Scanners: Barcode and RFID Scanners
  • Specialty: VIBES Modular System, Dedicated PTT Buttons

Leader in Rugged Mobile Devices

Over the past decade, Kyocera has launched more than 100 rugged mobile devices. Made with Japanese quality and precision, Kyocera devices feature targeted hardware and software capabilities along with a dedicated device lifecycle support system, Business Select and a two-year standard manufacturer’s warranty. Combined with a valued partner application and accessory ecosystem, Kyocera rugged devices strive to address the needs of the construction industry.

DuraForce PRO 2 is available through AT&T, DuraForce PRO 2 with Sapphire Shield as well as DuraXV Extreme are available through Verizon. For more information on Kyocera’s Total Solution for Construction visit, email: or call 866.844.7525.

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