[APP] Reduce Operator Distractions with messageLOUD

New app automatically reads incoming texts, emails and messages out loud to reduce distracted driving practices

Messageloud Logo

Mobile app: messageLOUD
Subscriptions start at $1.99 per month
Available on:
Android devices

There’s a new app on the market aimed at reducing distracted driving, and it’s called messageLOUD. The app is designed for fleets and mobile workforces. messageLOUD uses a vehicle or piece of equipment’s Bluetooth functionality to automatically read out loud all incoming messages, emails, alerts, etc. This allows the operator to keep his or her hands operating the equipment and stay focused on the job instead of on the phone.

Alerts that come in are automatically played through the vehicle or machine’s audio. “Our app eliminates the need for drivers and equipment operators to physically touch or interact with smartphones in situations where it is unsafe, inconvenient or illegal,” says Garin Toren, CEO of messageLOUD.

With the Auto Start mode, the app automatically starts when a Bluetooth connection is detected. Plus, it features a fully configurable auto responder for messages.

Currently, messageLOUD is available for Android devices with an iPhone version to be released at a future date.

App features:

  • Set up to meet individual/unique needs of each fleet/operation/application all within a single app/interface
  • Reads all incoming email and messages including from popular apps such as text/SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, Slack, Twitter and Facebook Messenger
  • Discounts and plans available for fleet deployments
  • Reads messages in 28 languages
  • Filter which messages are read aloud
  • Operates seamlessly with navigation and music streaming services
  • Eyes-free screen taps to dismiss, delete or call back
  • Messages pause when you get a call and when navigation needs to give you directions
  • Dims music, audiobook, podcast, etc. when reading messages
  • Reads messages even when screen is turned off

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