[VIDEO] FleetLogic Helps Streamline Even the Most Unusual Business Tasks

FleetLogic closes the gap in communication between the field and the office. Allowing them to work in sync; being more productive and saving time in the process.

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Ghost Expungers highlights a “day in the life of” Grayson Waters, a ghost removal service tech. He completes paranormal work orders like Elvis shakes his pelvis. Bill Murray and Kristen Wiig have made ghostbusting pretty glamorous. But if you ask Grayson about it, he’ll tell you it’s no different than unclogging your toilet or replacing an air filter. Sometimes you save the day. And sometimes… You just do your job.

My old man used to say, “Having the right tools is half the battle. The other half is making sure to eat breakfast.”

Ghosts. Spirits. Paperwork. They all come from the same Latin root word daemonicus papyropus. If monsters aren’t real… Then how do you explain paperwork?

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