When Choosing Workforce Management Tech, Industry Focus & Expertise is Key

Only one employee time-tracking solution was designed specifically for the construction industry by a contractor

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Construction and contracting is all about using the right tool for the job. After all, you wouldn’t use a deck screw to secure drywall, would you?

Technology can also be all-purpose, or it can be designed for a specific application—or industry. And there are advantages to using solutions that are proven to address the needs of construction companies and specialty contractors. 

One example is employee time-tracking. 

There are multiple solutions in the marketplace that allow employees to clock in and clock out to record hours worked, breaks and so forth. But there’s a vast difference between an employee who works at a retail store, for example, and a tradesperson or jobsite supervisor. In construction and contracting, an employee may work at multiple sites during a day, and they may do several activities that have different rates of pay.  

Or you may have one or more jobsites where employees aren’t able to bring their phones, for example, if you’re doing work at a secure government facility. That scenario may require a physical time clock with cloud-based software which most vendors don’t offer because they aren’t focused on the specific needs of construction companies and specialty contractors. 

That’s why it’s important to evaluate the suitability of a potential time-tracking solution and vendor against how your business and your employees work. 

Experts recommend choosing solutions and partners with relevant experience when possible.

"Vendors with pre-built capabilities that reflect your industry will provide faster time to value, will be quicker to deploy and usually will be less expensive to support on an ongoing basis," says Rebecca Wettemann of technology analyst firm Valoir. 

Even if you’re already using a software solution for employee time-tracking you may be missing out on functionality and ease of use for your field-based employees and your back office. 

Your current time-tracking solution may not actually be the best option for your business. Read our e-book to learn more about what advantages ExakTime’s time-tracking solutions offer for construction pros like you. 

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