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LoCate + LoJack lets you manage and protect your equipment.

A well-managed fleet helps reduce downtime as well as total maintenance and repair costs, resulting in substantial financial benefits. In today's economy, realizing these benefits can be critical to survival.

LoJack Corp., best known for its more than 20-year history in recovering stolen cars, trucks, construction equipment and motorcycles, recently launched a comprehensive solution for asset management and theft protection, LoCate + LoJack. As a total solution, LoCate + LoJack not only protects your equipment from theft, but gives you more control over your business through its highly effective asset management functionality.

The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is familiar to most, so we'll concentrate on the LoCate solution. The LoCate unit is ruggedized, designed for installation in 12/24 volt equipment, and uses AT&T's cellular signal to connect to the GPS network. It has a low profile, amplified antenna to minimize appearance and maximize signal strength.

With LoCate, it takes only minutes a day to have all the information you need to effectively manage your assets. Each morning, you log onto the LoCate secure website and review key reports offered by the system.

Location on Demand:

  • Determines the location of equipment in real-time. You can view equipment speed, run time and direction headings, as well as manage the availability of equipment to ensure productivity.
  • The Alert/Action Detail Report provides timely information regarding equipment on the move. It gives time, nearest address, longitude and latitude, along with heading and speed.
  • The Heavy Equipment Last Known Location Report enables you to know where your equipment is parked as well as the address and time of its last movement, which is one of the ways you can calculate the previous day's engine hour usage.


  • Enables you to set predefined boundaries around equipment within a half-mile, two-mile or 15-mile radius. If a piece of equipment breaches the predetermined geofence, you receive an immediate alert.
  • If a Boundary Crossing alert is received, a piece of equipment has passed through the geofence. If that happens, you will also receive an email alert. Using the Alert/Action Detail Report, you can determine whether or not the equipment use is authorized.

Engine Hours:

  • Knowing the number of hours an engine has been used takes the guess work out of determining when equipment requires servicing.
  • The Utilization Report details the hours per day goal for each piece of equipment, as well as which days the equipment is used; number of days used per month; number of work months per year.
  • The Preventative Maintenance Report indicates the hours of engine usage and gives information essential to the upkeep of the equipment. Equipment approaching a scheduled maintenance is flagged in yellow and those past due are flagged in red.
  • The Preventative Maintenance Activity Log provides a record of specific actions taken during a scheduled maintenance for each piece of equipment.

LoCate's asset management features and benefits plus LoJack's Stolen Vehicle Recovery System provides the ability to manage your assets and get your equipment back if stolen. Ultimately, the LoCate + LoJack solution gives you more control over your business, which translates into enhanced ROI on your equipment.

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