House Committee Slaps Anti-Truck-ELD Riders onto THUD Bill

Legislators justify their concern over requiring electronic logging devices on commercial trucks by noting the ‘heavy burden of this mandate, especially on small carriers’

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The House Transportation Committee attached a directive to this year’s Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill that could delay or repeal the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate set to go into effect on Dec. 18. Also added to the bill was a directive calling for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to review ELD suppliers’ technology platforms.

The committee voted 31-20 late in the evening of July 17 to send the bill to the full House. The legislation also moves forward with a rider long sought by trucking interests that would prevent states from enacting laws dictating meal and rest break requirements for truckers.

The THUD bill now directs the Department of Transportation “to analyze whether a full or targeted delay in ELD implementation and enforcement would be appropriate and, if so, what options DOT has within its statutory authority to provide temporary regulatory relief until all ELD implementation challenges can be resolved.” In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is directed to “provide a report on its findings to the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations within 60 days of enactment of this Act.”

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