Trackunit Plans New Update to Software, ARA 2024

Trackunit announced that they plan to headline enhancements to its new generation Access Management software with focus on making access safer and more efficient.

Trackunit Plans New Update to Software, ARA 2024
Trackunit's access management solution builds on a platform that will put fleet owners in control of who has access to machinery and help make construction sites safe.

Trackunit has announced that it will headline the latest enhancements to its new generation Access Management software at ARA 2024 with a particular focus on making access safer and more efficient. ARA 2024 is scheduled for February 19-21, in New Orleans.

The company says that new capabilities should allow users to put in place new inspection capabilities to its Access Management system including a ‘rolling PIN’ function that, through personalized PIN codes to authorized users, prevents access sharing and will help make on-site access even easier. The update should now allow fleet owners to optimize access to a greater degree allowing on-site operations to run more smoothly with important security aspects. 

"We always have at the core of our product offering the fundamental purpose of eliminating downtime and these additional capabilities are entirely in keeping with that principle," says Lærke Ullerup, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Trackunit. "The safety benefits of access management are worth re-emphasizing too in a cost aspect as, according to the US National Safety Council, every $1 spent on injury prevention leads to a return of more than $2. It’s two birds with one stone as we move towards a reduced-risk jobsite and cut unnecessary expenditure.”

Ullerup adds that OEM visitors would also get the chance to see how Trackunit has fine-tuned other elements of the Access Management solution to enable them to better integrate access control into their machines with brand new hardware for factory installations.

"This is a great selling point as we see access control become widely adopted in rental and on jobsite,” she says. "Marketplace also gives OEMs a great opportunity to differentiate themselves by building apps on the platform that their customers can directly access."

More at ARA

ARA 2024 attendees will also be able to see enhancements to Trackunit's Emissions Reporting software allowing users to monitor emissions by site, for example.

Ullerup reminds to not underestimate how significant a KPI has become for construction companies - allowing them to have fleet-wide emissions reporting in place. "It will mean they can bid for the big, strict-environment driven, government-led projects and have a better chance of winning." 

Also at the show, Trackunit will showcase its Marketplace data feeds which has accelerated to 69 value-adding apps on board, powered by its extendible platform Iris. Beam Gateway will also be on show and is of particular interest to Contractors as it helps grow and build new digital processes to bridge the connections between equipment, fleets, and sites.

There will also be a first opportunity for visitors to get a look at Trackunit’s latest IoT device development which was unveiled at Trackunit NEXT, held on January 30.