SpaceX’s Starlink Beams High-Speed Internet from Space to Remote Native-American Tribe

Elon Musk's company is delivering high-speed internet directly to remote locations via satellite network in a beta test you can use

Technology's greatest value to construction is its ability to measure and document construction progress and connect decision makers in the field with project owners, company managers and data resources with which to make the most effective decisions. But internet connectivity remains a significant barrier to construction projects in many parts of the country adopting proven efficiency-enhancing technologies. If there's no real-time internet connection, technology's value drops significantly. 

Solutions are available, but add a layer of complexity, preparation and maintenance to the construction technology solution. So it's significant news that is reporting SpaceX’s upcoming satellite internet service can indeed supply fast internet to remote areas, according to a Native American tribe in Washington state.

The Hoh tribe tweeted that SpaceX’s Starlink network has been supplying fast broadband to local residents in the area. “Our children can participate in remote learning, residents can access healthcare,” the tribe said. “SpaceX Starlink made it happen overnight.” says last week, SpaceX updated the FCC on the current status of Starlink, which is already supplying broadband to residents in rural areas in the US, Canada, and the UK. The company’s presentation points out the system can currently deliver 100Mbps download speeds to users. But the long-term goal is to upgrade speeds to 10Gbps.

To try out Starlink, go to the company’s website to register for the public beta. However, the invites remain limited to users in select regions in the northern US. Starlink also costs $99 a month plus a $499 one-time fee for the equipment. SpaceX plans to widen the beta to the southern U.S. early this year.