Deere Adds Companies to Its 2021 Startup Collaborator program

John Deere has added four companies to its 2021 Startup Collaborator program. These startups are Nori, NVision Ag, Scanit, and Teleo.

Teleo technology startup Deere
Teleo is one of four construction tech startups John Deere has added to its 2021 Startup Collaborator program.

John Deere has added four companies to its 2021 Startup Collaborator program: Nori, NVision Ag, Scanit and Teleo.

The Startup Collaborator program helps John Deere deepen its interaction with startup companies whose technology could add value for John Deere customers in the future. The year-long program enables John Deere and selected startup companies to test innovative technologies with customers and dealers without a more formal business relationship.

Deere & Company announced the companies that will be part of the 2021 cohort of the Startup Collaborator program. 

"The Startup Collaborator program continues to build tremendous interactions between startups and John Deere," says Julian Sanchez, director, emerging technology for John Deere. "This year is no different, as this diverse group of companies has great potential to transform our markets."

Deere is pleased to welcome into the Startup Collaborator four leading startups that are working to transform their industries. These companies include:

  • Nori: A company working to reverse climate change by building a carbon market where all types of consumers, from individuals to large corporations, can purchase carbon credits directly from farmers.
  • NVision Ag: A company working to help corn farmers make nitrogen management decisions based on data modeling and aerial imaging.
  • Scanit: A company that provides physical detection and classification of airborne plant pathogens before widespread disease onset.
  • Teleo: A company that is converting construction and mining equipment into tele-operated robots controlled by operators working remotely from a desk.

Startups in the program also gain affiliation with and mentoring from Deere.

"Innovation is one of our company's core values. The Startup Collaborator program is one way we can continue the innovative spirit that has helped define John Deere for more than 180 years," Sanchez says. "We are excited to welcome these companies into the collaborator program and look forward to them helping us drive better returns for our customers."