Creating a Culture that Fosters Both Conflict and Play

Fights, disagreements, arguments or whatever you want to call them happen on a job site. This is just a common fact. But the real test of your leadership and overall work environment is what comes out of these conflicts. If it's just hurt feelings and a lower work morale, well then you've got a problem. But if this conflict results in creative thinking, problem solving and an overall betterment of a project, then you've got something special on your hands. Trust me though, this is no easy task ensuring that good will come from conflict that will inevitably arise. To discuss how to start turning the ship around is Lynne Eisaguirre. Lynne has appeared as a workplace expert on CNN Headline News, Bloomberg TV, ABC News and many other media sources and is joining the Construction Business Podcast to share how you can create an environment that consists of conflict and play.