Dexter + Chaney to Launch New Products at World of Concrete 2012

Dexter + Chaney will launch Spectrum Version 14 and first product line from the newly formed Operations Group

Dexter + Chaney will launch a new version of its Spectrum software as well as a completely new product line from its Operations Group aimed at the needs of construction operations professionals at the 2012 World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas January, 24 through 27. 

"These simultaneous product launches are the culmination of over two years of investment in a brand new product line and significant re-investment in our existing products," says John Chaney, president.

The new product line will be the first release from Dexter + Chaney's newly formed Operations Group. "Our product line delivers a new approach and a new platform for collaboration across the entire lifecycle of a project," said Mark Reich, senior vice president, Operations Group. This first release will include a number of project collaboration applications all designed to work together. "There are too many starts, stops and restarts in today's typical construction project," according to Reich. "Our software platform keeps the threads of communication and information flowing among all partners throughout the project."

The latest version of Spectrum software will be released as a full-featured web-based product. Spectrum users will be able to deploy the software on-premise or access it through a cloud environment. "Our customers will be able to access the full features of Spectrum from anywhere using virtually any device with a web browser," added Chaney. "Our goal with Spectrum Version 14 was to deliver the most accessible, easiest-to-use construction software without any sacrifice in functionality."

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