Free Calculator iPhone App for Conveyor Users

Calculate operating cost, stockpile volume, belt capacity, horsepower, and conveyor lift with ConveyCalc app

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Superior Industries announced completed development today of the company's first ever iPhone app. Known as "ConveyCalc," the free app is available for download in the App Store. Notable features include:

  • Operating Cost Calculator
    Input variables like operator salary, fuel costs, conveyor horsepower and annual repair expenses to compare costs of operating a conveyor versus a loader.
  • Stockpile Volume Calculator
    Input two variables, conveyor length and radial arc travel angle, for this calculator to determine stockpile volume in cubic tons, short tons and metric tons.
  • Belt Capacity Calculator
    This calculator helps bulk material handlers maintain accurate levels of material on belts. Inputting a few common variables will return a conveyor's maximum capacity.
  • Horsepower Calculator
    Knowing a conveyor's length, width, lift and belt capacity will calculate minimum horsepower requirements for the given application.
  • Conveyor Lift Calculator
    Input two variables, the angle of the conveyor and its length, for this calculator to reveal a conveyor's center-to-center lift in feet.

ConveyCalc is available for free download in the App Store and is compatible with iPhones running iOS 5 software.

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