Chaney Enterprises Launches Smartphone Calculators for Concrete, Aggregates and Masonry

Three free apps available for Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones.

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Contractors and homeowners anywhere can estimate their concrete, aggregate and masonry needs right from their smartphones. With three new calculator apps developed by Chaney Enterprises, smartphones on the construction site get smarter. Customers can get information faster and easier from any location.

Online and smartphone applications have transformed data gathering and doing business for nearly every segment of society, and seeking out these methods was key to making life easier customer in the all areas of the construction industry. Homeowners can use the apps to become better consumers when seeking materials and estimates for their home improvement projects.  The Chaney Enterprises smartphone applications include calculators for concrete slab, footing, wall, steps, curb and column/cylinder; sand, gravel and stone; and, concrete block fill and block and mortar.

“Since the new calculator section of has been such a big hit, bringing the tools to smartphones was the next logical step to meet our customers’ needs,” said Steven Tripp, marketing manager for Chaney Enterprises.

Each calculator provides an exact amount and a recommended order amount of product. The calculations account for waste, spillage, over-excavation, settlement spreading of concrete forms, loss of entrained air or any other changes in product volume. The apps can be downloaded to the BlackBerry, Android or any Apple device.

All of the apps are free and can be found by searching “chaney” in each of the application stores for the mobile devices described. Links to the applications can also be found on the web at